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What is the most expensive pc in the world 2020


A computer is the most expensive item your child can have.So after deciding on buying a computer, the next step you should take is to decide on the kind of computer your child will use. For example, if your child enjoys playing games, you can get a computer with high specifications and better graphics.You also have to take into account your child’s development stage. If they are just learning how to type, then you don’t need a super fast computer with lots of RAM. On the other hand, if your child can already use a mouse and keyboard, you can consider getting a more powerful computer with more RAM or more storage space in order to run programs that require high processing power and graphics like video editing or gaming.

Which PC is most expensive?

The most expensive PC is the most powerful one you can buy. In addition to the device being more powerful, the cost also goes up.A powerful desktop computer starts around $750. A powerful gaming console starts at $300.According to PCGamer, in 2017, the most powerful PC was a System76 Eclipse P81 with an Intel i9 chip combined with an Nvidia 1080 graphics card and 32GB of RAM. At the time, it was capable of achieving a 5-minute sustained speed of 4.8 teraflops on Cray’s Cray XK7 supercomputer, which is equivalent to 19.2 trillion calculations per second.

What is the most expensive computer in 2022?

The most expensive computer in 2022 will be a fully automated self-catering villa with a swimming pool, gym and sauna, complete with all the latest technological upgrades and a home cinema. The cost will be ?315,704.00 (?3.5 million).

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The most expensive PC I’ve ever built…

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