What is the most

What is the most expensive nft in the world


The most expensive NFC terminal in the world is the Altacin Smart Card Reader, worth $8,400.The owner of the reader, Ferran Cacachan, stated Altacin is a very respected brand and they do some beautiful work. The price is $8,400 and Im not going to sell it because I still own it.Altacin Smart Card Reader allows us to load different credit cards, national identity cards and digital certificates using different devices. It is also equipped with a biometric system that allows entering PIN and verification of the holder’s face, voice or fingerprint.

What are the top 5 most expensive NFT?

1). Mc Donalds The most expensive item at mcdonalds is a bun which cost .{$2.99}2). Dogecoin The most expensive item at dogecoin is 1 doge token. It cost ).{$41.45}3). Iphone 6s The most expensive item at iphone 6s is the 64 gb iphone 6 plus screen protecter which cost ).{$133.91}4). Iphone XR The most expensive item at iphone xr is the 128 gb iphone xr which cost ).{$849.99}5). Oculus RIFT Dimension 14 inch gaming monitor The most expensive item at oculus rift dimension 14 inch gaming monitor is the touch sensor pad with sensors and stand ,mind you ,the price is {$632.59}

Who own the most expensive NFT?

There are a lot of expensive items in Crypto and here’s a list of some of them:? You can add yours in the comments.1) EOS – 3000 ETH – $4 Billion2) Tron – $3 Billion3) IOTA -$2 Billion4) ETC – $1.5 Billion5) XLM-Tokens – $1.5 Billion6) OMG – $1.42 Billion7) NEO – $1.34 Billion ?END

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