What is the most

What is the most expensive hotel in the world


The most expensive hotel in the world is the Savoy Hotel in London, UK. It is located at 21 Savoy Place and has 221 rooms. It has been called the Worst Hotel in the World and a Concrete Coffin. It was constructed in 1902 and was originally called The Cumberland. It was owned by Cecil Shubert and it became affiliated with the Savoy Group in 2007. Its previous name was considered to be one of the most expensive hotels in the world that acquired more than $1 million each night for its clients.

Is there any 11 star hotel in the world?

There is no 11 star hotel in the world. However, there is a 10 star hotel, which is ultra luxurious and that is Golden Tulip Kintai, Yekaterinburg, Russia. The property was built based on the Nordika design of Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron. Its hotel configurations are themed to five regions housing legacy of Feodor III who started the Tulip era in 16th century with Golden Tulips. The rooms offer panoramic views capturing the city skyline, with building surfaces wrapped in gold leaf.

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The World’s Most Expensive Hotel Room

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