What is the most

What is the most expensive football card in the world


Cristiano Ronaldo has the most expensive football card in the world and it is worth a staggering ?5.5million. The Real Madrid forward scored his 18th goal of the season in his side’s 3-0 win over Alaves on Saturday, and the fact that it came in his side’s 100th game of the season added to its value.Ronaldo’s 94-card Panini Cristiano Ronaldo Collection offers are currently available from Scott Maggi. The pack features Ronaldo in action scenes and an impressive range of rare and authenic items such as shirts, balls and boots. The 32 card panini Ronaldos pack is priced at ?1,285 each and the 16 card panini Ronaldos pack is priced at ?345 each. These are great value for money at ?6K for a panini pack and ?4K for a panini Ronaldos card.Be sure to collect them all tonight!

What are the 10 most valuable football cards?

The 10 most valuable football cards are as follows:1. 1962 Topps #10 Fran Tarkenton Redemption – $14,0002. 1983 Donruss #8 Joe Namath – $12,0003. 1986 Topps #63 Lawrence Taylor – $9,0004. 1968 Topps #50 Jim Brown – $7,0005. 1981 Donruss #92 Doug Williams – $5,5006. 1982 Topps #160 Norm Snead – $5,5007. 1994 Etopps SP #M8 Michael Irvin – $5,2508. 1983 Topps #155 Jim Tyrer – $4,7509. 1986 Fleer #155 Terry Bradshaw – $4,75010. 1969 Topps #73 Ernie Stautner – $4,550

What is the most expensive football card in the World 2021?

Cristiano ronaldoCristiano Ronald Delo Runaldo maoyongi is a striker player of Real Mardelos and one of two most expensive football cards in the world. He signed for Real Madrid from Manchester United for ?80 millions on June 26, 2008.Ronald’s card number is 11/25 and it has the most expensive sticker price ever in the World. He scored 43 goals and made 15 assists in 86 games for Manchester United. The card RRP is ?100,000.00

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