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What is the most expensive fish in the world


The most expensive fish in the world is more likely to be found in a supermarket rather than in a fishmongers stall. The most expensive fish is the red Groupers ( Parasicymnoides aphrospilus ), which are sold wild caught in Thailand for up to $25,000 perkg.The most expensive fish captured from the wild was by far red grouper ( Pareutropicthys californiensis ) which was netted off California in April 2008 and sold for $8,400 perkg. The second most expensive fish was also red grouper which was sold on the same day for $5,600 perkg. Overall, 37 grouper weighing a total of 35kg were caught, worth a combined $848,800.

What’s the most expensive freshwater fish?

The most expensive freshwater fish is the gold nugget fish or Paracheilinus turner,which has a price of $32.50 a pound.The gold nugget fish is an extremely rare and highly sought after species of fish native to the Sierra Nevada of California in the United States. They are thought to be threatened by habitat loss, pollution and overfishing. The fish grow to no more than 4 inches long and are known for their brilliant golden color with distinctive black spots along their sides. The only two farms worldwide that produce gold nugget fish legally for commercial sale are in Kaysville, Utah, United States and Flemington, New Jersey, United States. The highest quality gold nugget fish are harvested from Lake trout in the lake to maintain their size and color before being sold as food in the United States.

What is the most expensive fish to own?

The most expensive fish is likely the Blue Dream Aquarium fish. It’s gorgeous, but extremely expensive. It can cost as much as $300 for just one fish!Blue Dream are a beautiful aquarium fish that is available in many different colors, ranging from blue to black. They are popular amongst hobbyists due to their beautiful bodies and stunning colors.However, these fish are extremely expensive and difficult to obtain. They are not commonly stocked in aquarium stores due to their high demand and limited availability. This can make them quite difficult to find, especially at affordable prices.Fortunately, they are worth every penny. They are beautiful, playful aquarium fish that can be had for relatively cheap if you do a little searching online. In addition, they are well suited to be kept with other species due to their peaceful and finicky nature.If you have the funds available, however, Blue Dream aquarium fish are certainly a good choice!

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