What is the most

What is the most expensive diamond in the world


Surprisingly, the most expensive diamond in the worldis not owned by a woman, but by a man: The Graff Pink Diamond Ring is worth a staggering $590 million. The 51.6-carat diamond was designed by Philippe Doisy and features 72 distinct baguette-cut pink diamonds that are mounted on the finger of a platinum wedding band. The ring is set with seven baguette diamonds weighing a total of 3.87 carats, as well as one round brilliant cut diamond weighing a total of two carats. The ring is estimated to be worth $580 million before tax, plus inflation.The Graff Pink Diamond Ring belongs to Sir Thomas Peter Graff, who inherited it from his mother in 1980. It has been appraised by independent gemologists at Sothebys and Taubman Goldsmiths for the purchase price of $590 million.

Which is the No 1 diamond?

There is no single diamond that is the no.1 diamond, it all depends on your choice, taste and budget. All the diamonds are perfect in their own way. So it is up to you to decide.If I have to choose one, I really love Forever One engagement ring by Elizabeth Garrett-Davies (ESQ.).I don’t want to be nosey but why don’t they want the stones in the ring?Maybe because they are Forever? Then maybe they can be Forever with you!!

What is the most valuable diamond in the world?

Diamonds are the most valuable precious stones. The most valuable diamond in the world is the Hope diamond, which is owned by an unknown bidder for ?54.4 million (inclusive of transaction costs and taxes). The Hope diamond has an estimated value of $59 million. The second most expensive diamond in the world is the Cullinan diamond (or Great Star of Africa), which is owned by the British Crown Jewellers, and valued at ?43.9 million ($60.5 million).

Top 10 Most Expensive Diamond in the World – 2022


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