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What is the most expensive bag in the world


The most expensive bag in the world is: RR Auctions WACABIG.EDAGUP.UG, which was sold on Feb.28, 2017 in Lagos, Nigeria for $19,000 USD. The bags iconic red colour is instantly recognizable, and its shape has remained relatively unchanged since its creation in 2000. It is made of lamb dusa hide and is decorated with porcupine quills.

Which bag most expensive?

Let me suggest you four bags which are the most expensive and worth to buy.1). Kate Spade New York Solesiego Crossbody Bag This bag is stunning, it fits all my essentials and also looks great. I absolutely love it. You can get this in kate spade stores and online store like amazon.2). Michael Kors Jet Set Crossbody Bag Michael Kors is one brand which knows how to make excellent bags for women. This is one such bag. It has lots of space and fits in all your things. You can get this in michael kors boutiques or online stores like amazon.3). Cropp Liz Leather Tote Bag This bag is perfect for women who love totes bags. They are very trendy and come in many different colours and patterns. You can get this in cropp boutiques or online stores like croppbags.com.4). Kate Spade New York Selma Satchel This bag is great for everyday use as well as for special occasions. It comes in a lot of gorgeous colours and has a lovely shape with a magnetic snap closure. You can get this in kate spade stores or online store like amazon.

What is the most expensive bag brand in the world?

The most expensive bag brand in the world is undoubtedly Louis Vuitton, with the iconic Speedy 40 bag retailing for $9,000. The price tag on this bag is no surprise, as it is handmade from crocodile and available in just 25 units worldwide.Not only is this bag expensive, but also stylish and useful. The Speedy 40 provides enough room for your essentials and is a great option for day trips. You can explore the city and still have everything you need with you. Additionally, it is easy to carry thanks to its elegant design.With its high price tag, this bag may be difficult to acquire, but it is worth the investment if you are looking for an authentic piece of Louis Vuitton.

World’s most expensive handbag ever sold

Top 10 Most Expensive Handbags In The World

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