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What is the most dangerous sport in the world 2021


the most dangerous sport in the world 2021 would have to be sky diving, due to the numerous dangers of the sport, such as mass hysteria, extreme heights and a lack of safety equipment.Sky diving involves jumping from a large platform or a plane. The platform can be as far away as 1,000 metres (3,300 feet). It takes approximately 2 seconds for the body to accelerate from 0 to 120 km/h (74 miles per hour).People who sky dive often suffer from mass hysteria. They forget that they are in danger and focus only on their experience. This can lead to them being disoriented and having thoughts of death or suicide.Some skydivers have even gone into a trance-like state called out-of-body experience (OOBE). This is when their consciousness separates itself from their body by floating above it. OOBEs can be dangerous because they separate the mind and body which can lead to self-harm or even death.Sky diving is also very dangerous due to low visibility at low altitudes and high winds. Because of this, many skydivers fly in groups. Nevertheless, accidents still happen with approximately one fatality per one million jumps overall.

What is the deadliest sport in the world?

The deadliest sport in the world is Formula One racing, according to the World Health Organization, which bases its estimates on the number of deaths and injuries in sports events involving wheeled vehicles. In 2015 alone, there were 76 deaths among Formula One drivers and 34 fatal injuries. (Source: The Guardian).According to a study by the Centre for Disease Control in 2013, road race walking events such as marathons and ultra-marathons have been responsible for the death of at least 460 people between 2005 and 2008. (Source: The Guardian).

What are the top 10 dangerous sports?

1. BodybuildingBodybuilding is probably one of the most dangerous sports on earth, mainly due to the fact that it is highly competitive and involves jacked up rage machines stomping on other jacked up rage machines. The only good side to bodybuilding is that you get to see tons of muscular guys huffing and puffing in a gym who don’t give a shit about anything else but getting jacked up.Bodybuilding has also been linked to a number of different health conditions such as heart problems, low testosterone, depression, bone fractures and even suicidal thoughts, due to feeling so inadequate about your appearance. And for those who are interested in this sport, bodybuilders usually have an underground market where you can buy banned substances that are supposed to help you get better. However, studies have shown that these substances don’t do anything except give you a false sense of confidence. So yeah, bodybuilding is intense and dangerous.2. Mixed Martial ArtsMixed martial arts (MMA) might be one of the craziest sports in the world. MMA combines elements from many different combat sports such as boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling and judo as well as submissions like chokes, arm bars, leg locks and ground and pound strikes and takedowns. In reality everything you see in a MMA fight is completely real; no fake elbows or punches being thrown at all! You can also see all this crazy shit live or on pay-per-view events at bars (bar fights). Mixed martial arts is one of the most dangerous sports out there because this shit can get real nasty; fighters will try to gouge each other’s eyes out with their thumbs or knees each other in their balls until they faint. This sport also has some known health risks such as shoulder tears due to being dropped on your head too many times (easily fixed with surgery) and concussions which can be fatal if not taken care of properly by your brain doctor (trust me it’s not fun). On top of all that we have the testosterone levels in this sport reaching absurd levels where most male fighters rely on steroids pumping their blood full of powerful testosterones just to stay in tip top shape for their fights! This sport may not be for weak guys so don’t get too pumped up before your first fight!3 . Extreme Parkour/Freerunning/LocomotionExtreme parkour/freerunning/locomotion is often


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