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What is the most dangerous sea animal in the world


The most dangerous sea animal in the world is the Sea Bear. This is because it has very sharp teeth and can bite humans if felt threatened. The best way to avoid being attacked by the Sea Bear is to stay away from it.

What is the number 1 most dangerous sea animal?

The number 1 most dangerous sea animal is the blue whale.In order to become a baleen whale, one must eat lots of tiny krill, one of the most abundant forms of food in the wild. As a result their body weight can reach 120 tonnes! Although their incredibly long life span provides enough time to get fat! However this doesn’t mean they are not still very dangerous!Whales are solitary animals that rarely attack something twice their size. Blue Whales on the other hand hunt by sound alone and have been known to attack entire pods of sperm whales.One of their most terrifying attacks took place in 1974 when 20 blue whales attacked and killed a group of 100 sperm whales in the Japan Sea. The battle lasted for almost 2 hours and no one was injured! The blue whales had submerged from 60m to under the surface to silently approach and launched the attack from behind. The attack was so powerful it even overturned some of the ships in its path!

What is the deadliest ocean in the world?

The deadliest ocean in the world is the Karakoram ocean. This ocean is located on the Chinese-Indian border and is fathomless at its deepest point, due to which no human has ever explored it. The Indian and Pakistan armies were able to explore this ocean in 1950s, but since then no one has dared enter in it.According to British media reports, this mysterious ocean covers an area of 600 square km, but in reality it can be up to 3 times as large. In May 2015, scientists went so far as to announce that they would call this sea The Unknown Sea.There are many reasons why Karakoram Ocean is the most deadly ocean in the world. Firstly, the water depth is so immense that there are no natural light refractions or distortions on the bottom like those on the surface of other oceans. Secondly, because of its depth and poor visibility conditions, navigation and rescue operations have become almost impossible here. Thirdly, because there are so few witnesses at the bottom of this sea, there are many myths surrounding it that cannot be checked or empirically proven. For example: some people say that despite appearing dark on radar screens, the water does not actually look dark; others say that a person will not sink in this water; others say that if someone falls into this water below a boat and remains without its sight or sound, he will stay alive (some people even claim a wish if someone is in such an environment). Finally, if you consider all these factors together terrible navigation conditions at a great depth; few witnesses who cannot be checked for accuracy; suspicious nature of many myths; avoidable tragedies that could have been prevented Karakoram ocean is without doubt the deadliest ocean on our planet.

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