What is the most

What is the most dangerous gang in the world


The most dangerous gang in the world is:1). The CosaNostra, a Mafia gang formed in New York in the 20th century.2). The Brokeland gangs, a disgruntled youth gang born in South Central Los Angeles in the 1980s.3). The Mexican drug cartels, a dangerous organization working across the entire United States.

What is the oldest gang in the world?

The oldest gang in the world is the Ankh Gang who, it is believed, are around 5th-6th century BC Egyptian. They were part of a shift in power dynamics taking place in Ancient Egypt at the time, in which the old elite was being challenged and overthrown. For the most part, in Ancient Egypt gangs consisted of angry young men who would fight with each other over territory or women. It was not until much later that gangs became an organized movement of people who committed public crimes and were run by leaders.


The Most Ruthless and Dangerous Gangs In The World

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