What is the most

What is the most common eye color in the world?


The most common eye color in the world is not blue, brown or hazel (not green either), it is naturally pink.The most common eye color in the world is natural pink. This is because humans with more melanin pigment in their eyes have more eye redness so it looks red and then with less melanin it turns pink. This also applies to black eyes too.I am 45 and on my 53% NPD I have a dark hair color (brown or chemical blond) eyes but my right eye is normal small pupil. So I know what you all are feeling but it’s genetic, my dad was a chemical blond and his mother was an Irish red head so it’s been a family trait but the gene is recessive so you have to be 1/2 red hair and 1/2 normal eyes to get the same combination.

What is the rarest eyes color in the world?

These is the rarest eyes color in the world which people dont haveGreen eyes: This is a genetic eye disease which cause your eyes to show different colour of green. so this condition is extremely rare and only 1% of people have it. There are many more rare diseases that may cause this same eye shade.Blue eyes: This is actually a popular genetic condition called pseudomelanosis (or polymorphic reticulation) that is hereditary and affects around 10% of the population. It does not have any other features but the hallmark of these blue eyes are that they are extremely thin and light pink, which makes the pupil look hollow.Curly eye: People with curly eye is really beautiful and unique. but it can be really painful.Thanks for your Info!.

Are black eyes real?

When we talk about the essence of the human beings, we talk about their eyes as everything resides from within them.Blinking is a reflex which involves every single muscle in your face. With this incredibly intricate motion, your eyes blink to remove foreign particles from the surface of your eye. These particles are called tears. Your eye is naturally lubricated to help with blinking and this layer can get pushed out of place by foreign material. This leads to irritation, known as a black eye.There are many possible causes for a black eye such as an accidental poke or scrape, rubbing your eyes together while playing a sport, or getting caught in the rain with wet eyes. The most common cause is rubbing against something while blinkingthings like books, furniture and hair products.Sometimes a person who has one eye more open than the other will have a black eyethis due to lid issues such as coloboma or lid retraction cysts. When someone experiences either of these problems, their iris can be pulled in different directionsleading to distended eyelids and bulging pupils. This may result in bruising around the lids.If you have dark brown or black spots on your iris (irregular coloring of your iris), it’s not a black eye it’s heterochromia iridis (multiple blue/brown iris). It is common in people with fair skin and blue/brown colored eyes but is also seen in many with darker complexions

What is the 2nd most common eye color?

Light brown eyes are the second most common eye color, followed by grey eyes. Light brown eyes are the most common eye color in the United States, while grey eyes are most common in Australia and Ireland.According to data from the National Eye Institute, light brown eyes are most common in northern Europe (57%) and south central and south eastern Asia (4647%), while grey eyes are most common in eastern and southern Asia (47%).There has been considerable controversy among ophthalmologists as to which eye color is more beautiful: light or dark. One study found that light-eyed women were generally favored by males while dark-eyed women were generally favored by females. Another study found that males preferred females with a light skin tone and dark hair, suggesting that light skin may be associated with good genes and intelligence. Another study found that men preferred women with light hair to dark hair.

What is the prettiest eye color?

If you’re searching for the answer to this question then we are sorry to break to you but your answer is clear. However we do believe that your answer would shatter someones heart. We strongly suggest that you don’t share your answer unless you want to get yourself into some serious trouble.If your answer is blue eyes are the prettiest then we have a few bad news for you. Blue eyes are not the prettiest eye color, maybe brown or hazel eyes are still prettier.If your answer is green eyes then don’t say it outloud because it will definitely cause some serious damage, and also it is not pretty enough to be cute. Maybe emerald eyes (a color between green and brown) or brown eyes are still prettier.We suggest that if you don’t know what’s the prettiest eye color in the whole universe, then just shut up and ask whoever feel like giving away the answer trust us it won’t help anything

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7 Rare Eye Colors People Can Have

Eye Color Percentages: Most Common Eye Colors In The World

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