What is the most

What is the most celebrated holiday in the world


It is complicated to answer this question because different people have different views, but in my opinion the most celebrated holiday in the world is Christmas. I often hear my friends talking about how excited they are for Christmas and the fun they are going to have. Christmas is a special time for everyone who celebrates it. If you were born in a country where Christmas is celebrated, then it is only natural that you are excited for the day. We all know what Christmas means to us, so I am sure you will understand better than me if I say that it means family, peace and happiness.

What holiday is celebrated the most?

Most people would say Christmas, but in India, Republic Day is celebrated more at the end of January. In fact, Republic Day is a holiday in many Indian states and territories.In 2017, Republic Day was observed on 28 January with a military parade and flypast in front of the Vassal Tank, Delhi by President Pranab Mukherjee. People across India took to the streets to observe the day with military parades and other patriotic events taking place all over the country.The most popular celebrations of Republic Day include:1. Being patriotic: young students dress up in their national colours and march along roads chanting nationalist songs. People bring out their national flag on their rooftops and balconies. The event is popularly known as Beijos which are physical representations of pride that people have for the nation and its achievements. The night before Republic Day, there are Roza fasting sessions where people fast for the nations unity and progress.2. Watches: In 2017, many were set with Movado as well as Feitian manufacture IWC to mark Republic Day because they offered a discount promotion code on official website of both capsule watch brands worth Rs 500 from their stores.

What is the 2nd most celebrated holiday?

There are many individual holidays celebrated around the world, and there is no single most celebrated holiday. However, the holiday that is second most celebrated may surprise you.According to a 2019 survey by Harris Poll on the most celebrated global holidays, Valentine’s Day ranked #2, following Christmas. The survey asked more than 27,000 Americans andResults showed that 42% of respondents celebrating Valentine’s Day ranked it second on their list of most celebrated holidays. Christmas came in first with 52% of respondents prioritizing it as their most celebrated holiday.

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