What is the most

What is the most beautiful beach in the world


Cape Cod, Massachusetts, United States is most beautiful beach in the world. This beach has numerous incredible and beautiful spots that are worth to see. Such places are Mah Mah Country Club, Church Pond, Pemma’s marina, White Sand beach, Quassi Hill and so on.Mah Mah Country Club:Church pond is dotted with lots of blue heron and white swans. This ducks are trying hard to stay on top of the pond. You can watch them fly away and then land again on the other side of the pond. This is a well-known American country club in the town of Wellfleet, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1897. In its heyday 60 years ago, membership there was said to be as rare as a new Buick convertible in that era of Chevrolets and Fords. The club had 20 green-shingled cottages ? members paid $25 a year in dues ? plus 25 cottages rented by day guests at $110 a poast. Golf course was attached to the club for $40 per annum.Church Pond:Many small islands dot the surface of this picturesque body of water swimming at Salt Beach in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. A new bridge allows access to Mirror Beach on one side and another put into picture viewpoint resembling that viewing of one mirror on Winter Beach at Cape Cod National Seashore USA’s National Park Service (NPS) website explains.Pemma’s Marina:This marina is named after Pemma Abbott who built her home there in 1946 after spending years as a ham radio operator in WWII and living as a hiker in Mah Mah Mountain wilderness where she became an honorary member of Mah Mah Mountain Club said NPS website informs about Pema’s Marina being situated on Crystal Pond Lake which is surrounded by beaches and marshes at Salt Beach in Wellfleet district NPS site underlines. It was built with materials salvaged from her old house – which was destroyed by fire – or hauled there by wagon drawn by horse or mule according to NPS website saying explains about Pema’s Marina situated 4 miles southerly along Route 6A from Wellfleet centre NPS website continues underlining because Mah Mah Mountains to its west have remained private property over 8 vertical miles as it rises nearly 600 feet above sea level along west coast Ocean Drive Road (Route 6A) runs through it close to lake The barren but spectacular 2-

What is the number one most beautiful beach in the world?

Malar Malta.The crystal clear waters and the picturesque view of the three island does it for me. Its a simply stunning place!

Where are the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world?

Turkey has many stunning beaches, but the following ten deserve special mention:1) Didim Dagi, Turkey2) Haidar Aynal?k, Turkey3) G?kova Dagi, Turkey4) Perisadit Bay, Spain5) Hersonissos, Greece6) Cacela Velha, Portugal7) Copacabana Beach, Brazil8) Conoli Beach, Italy9) Playa de la Ropa, Spain10) Durras Beach, Portugal.

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